sábado, 28 de novembro de 2009

Jogo psicológico - Descobre a tua personalidade

I forgot to ask one question about the cube. Is your cube transparent or not? When you answer this question you can look at the answers.

The Cube game answers:

The Cube

The CubeThe first object in the desert, the cube, represents you.

The bigger the cube, the bigger your ego. If the cube is transparent, you are open to others, you don't hide anything from your friends or family. If you cannot see through the cube, it means that you are a private person and don't talk much about yourself.

If the cube is made out of something solid and strong, it means that you are a strong person. If it is soft, it means that you can be easily influenced and you are emotional.

How you think about the cube represents how you think about yourself. A cube which is on the ground indicates that you are down to earth, while a floating cube shows that you are a dreamer. If you see the flat side of the cube, you have a shallow personality, if you see the cube in 3D, you have a deep personality.

If the cube is in the centre it means that you like the attention and you like to be praised.

The color of the cube represents your personality. In general, if the cube is light you are a positive person and the darker it is the more negative you are. However it may not always be so, you should always pay attention to how you feel about the color. If you like the color then you are a likeable personality, it the color seems cold to you, you seem distant to people.

Here is a general guide to the cube colors:

Black is the color of authority, elegance, sophistication. It can also mean the dark side of the personality.

White symbolizes innocence, non-judgemental personality, objectivity, lack of strong opinions.

Red is the color of dominance, power, love and sexual energy. If your cube is red it also can mean that you are an attention seeker.

Yellow color of the cube shows that the person loves attention and would do almost anything to get the attention. If this is your color, you may seem too overbearing to some people so they may avoid you. This color also represents playfulness, optimism and energy.

Green represents compassion, prosperity, money, and vitality.

Blue represents knowledge, loyalty and calmness.

Purple represents luxury, wealth, and sophistication.

Brown shows stability. Brown is the most common cube color among men.

The Ladder

The LadderThe ladder represents your friends.

The closer the ladder to the cube, the closer you are with your friends. If the ladder is leaning against the cube, this indicates that some friends are relying on you or expecting you to act according to their wishes.

If the ladder is far away from the cube, it may mean that you either have no friends or you don't consider their friendship important to you. You either mentally or physically like to distance yourself from your friends.

The color of the ladder represents the personality that most of your friends have. You can check the meaning of the ladder color in the cube color description.

The more rungs the ladder has, the more friends you have.

The Horse

The HorseThe horse represents your ideal partner and how you behave in relationships.

If it is a wild horse, it means that you give freedom to your partner, if the horse is tied it means you want to be in control and you always want to know where your partner is and what he/she is doing. If the horse is tied to the cube that shows that you are a very possessive person.

The distance between the cube and the horse shows how close or distant you are in relationships. How the horse behaves also shows what kind of partner you would like to have.

If the horse is running or does not stand for long in one place, it means that you want to have a partner that would like to travel, would be full of energy and would always be involved in something. If the horse does nothing but stands or eats, it means that you want to have a partner that likes to be at home and rarely travels.

The look of a horse can also indicate the physical features of your ideal partner. The better the appearance of the horse, the better looking partner you would like to have.

The Storm

The StormThe storm represents how you deal with difficulties in life.

If it is a big storm, then you always try to make a drama out of something. If the storm is small and far away from you, it means that you are a calm and positive person and you don't like being angry and try to quickly shift your mood if you notice that anger gets activated in you.

The storm can also represent current problems in your life. If, whilst seeing storm in your mind's eye, you think that it will stay there for a long time, you think the same way about your current problems.

If you see a big storm, it means that you currently experience big problems in your life. The proximity between the storm and the cube also shows how intensely these problems affect you.

segunda-feira, 23 de novembro de 2009

Um dia sem aviso

Um dia sem aviso
Toda a minha vida mudou
Encontrei-te junto a mim
E a confusão começou
Gosto de ti

É tão
viver assim
Contigo ao meu lado
Às vezes nem sei o que fazer
E eu para aqui sempre a
Mas depois tudo muda
Basta sorrires para mim:
E eu esqueço tudo o que passou...

E a vida agora
tem outro sabor
Sabe a luta que espalhaste aqui no meu coração!
Sabe ao amor

(Letra do genérico, em português, de Marmalade boy)